Classes are held at the following locations in North Somerset:

  • Nailsea Methodist Church, Nailsea (Map)


  • Nailsea School Dance Studio, Nailsea 


  • WI Hall, Backwell (Map)


  • St George's Church Hall, Easton-in-Gordano (Map)




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  • Saturday 19 Dec - End of term for Xmas holidays

  • Monday 4 Jan 2021 - Classes resume  



We welcome students throughout the year. If you are interested in enrolling in the Adele Stitch School of Dance, please use our contact form or call Adele on 01934 513505.


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Whole School Production 2016

The weekend of 12/13th March saw us put on our fourth whole school show involving every child in the school! We put on 4 shows over 2 days at Backwell School Theatre. The first half was the Wizard of Oz and the second half was Strictly Come Dancing. Everyone had an amazing time and we received excellent feedback which you read on our 'Productions' page of this website!

Cinderella at Weston Playhouse Theatre! 

December 2015/January 2016


Well done to Nadia, Jess and Antosia who've just completed a three week run of Cinderella pantomime with Joe Swash in Weston super Mare! They auditioned and were selected from over 100 hopefuls to dance in this professional production. Antosia and Nadia were younger members of the juvenile team, whilst Jess was a lead senior dancer who spent a lot of time dancing with the professional girls in the company. We were so proud to watch you in your last show! 

Dancers star in We Will Rock You at the Bristol Hippodrome!

On 6 July 2015 several of our pupils tread the boards at the Bristol Hippodrome in a production of 'We Will Rock You' with The Big Act. The whole show was rehearsed and performed in the space of 48 hours! Our successful auditionees attended an open audition in the first instance where they were asked to sing and dance solo or in small groups and then were recalled to further prove their talents. The show raised money for charity and our dancers had a target to raise through sponsorship. It was a great success and a fantastic opportunity for our dancers to experience a Hippodrome production. They had an amazing time!

Kingshill School Summer Fun Day

Lovely message from Kingshill School following our display there on 13th June.

"Hi Adele,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming to our summer fun on saturday! It wasn't particularly summery but everyone had a good time and very much enjoyed your performances! You have some wonderfully talented young dancers!! Thanks again and we hope that you'll be available to perform for us again next year!!

Kind regards

Sarah Hall."

Weston Junior Arts Results May 2015


Emelia - 1st Character, 2nd Greek, 3rd Modern, 3rd Ballet, 4th Duet with Emily

Lily - 3rd Ballet

Darcey - 1st Ballet, 1st Greek, 3rd Character, 3rd Lyrical, 3rd Modern, Ballet Trophy, Overall Highest marks in age group trophy

Scarlett - 3rd Modern

Eliza - 3rd Modern

Cally - 2nd Ballet

Nadia - 1st Greek, 3rd Ballet

Arabella - 3rd Ballet

Lola - 4th Ballet

Tyler-Mae - 4th Song & Dance 



All England Regional Finals May 2015


Emelia, Jess, Darcey, Lily, Reanna, Nina, Emily and Junior Jazzmatazz travelled to Cheltenham this week to compete in the South West Regional Finals of All England Dance. Their performances were ranked Commended, Distinction, Distinction with Special Commendation or Honours. An amazing achievement for all these dancers!

Bristol Eisteddfod Results 2015


Reanna - 2nd Classical Trio, 4th Modern, 4th Ballet

Darcey - 2nd Greek, 4th Lyrical

Emelia - 3rd Modern, 4th Cabaret Duet, 4th Lyrical

Emily Sparks - 4th Cabaret Duet, 4th Lyrical

Nina - 1st Modern, 3rd Classical Trio, 4th Ballet 

Jess - 2nd Classical trio, 2nd Ballet, 3rd Modern

Des - 2nd Tap

Junior Group - 2nd Cabaret, 4th cabaret & comedy trophy

Senior Group - 4th Cabaret

Hope - 3rd Classical Trio, 4th Character

Anna - 3rd Classical Trio, 4th Modern, 4th Lyrical

Lily - 2nd Classical Trio

Emily Bower - 4th Song & Dance


Many of these performances also qualified for the All England Regional Finals to be held in May 2015 in Cheltenham. They achieved a mark of 85 (juniors) or 86 (seniors) in order to qualify. Well done everyone!

Kingswood Eisteddfod Results February 2015


Lily - 2 x 1st, 3 x 2nd, 3 x 3rd, Classical Aggregate Trophy

Nina - 2 x 1st, 1 x 3rd, Greek Trophy

Darcey - 2 x 1st, 1 x 2nd

Reanna - 2 x 3rd

Charlotte - 1 x 3rd

Sophia - 1 x 2nd 

Nadia & Lola - 1 x 3rd


Commendable performances came from Anna, Gemma, Emily, Sophie, Emelia, Scarlett, Ella, Isabelle and Lizzie who were close behind on the medals. Well done to everyone who took part.

Royal Ballet Auditions 14 January 2015


Four of our pupils auditioned for the Royal Ballet School last week. Emelia, Jess and Lizzie auditioned for places on the Associate courses whilst Jack auditioned for a full-time place at White Lodge. We wish them luck as they await the results over the coming weeks!

Longwell Green Eisteddfod October 2014 Results 


Emelia - 1st Ballet 

Darcey - 3rd Greek, 3rd Ballet 

Lily - 1st Ballet, 1st Character

Reanna - 2nd Greek, 2nd Modern, 2nd Ballet, 2nd Classical Duet with Anna, 4th Lyrical

Nina - 2nd Lyrical, 2nd Classical Trio

Anna - 2nd Classical Duet with Reanna, 2nd Classical Trio, 4th Ballet

Hermione - 1st Greek, 3rd Modern

Isabelle - 4th Ballet

Nina, Hope, Anna - 2nd Classical Trio

Our other dancers were also close behind on the medals. Well done to Nadia, Gemma, Emily, Lola, Arabella, Cally, Grace, Emma, Jack and Ella for dancing so well.

October 2014

Congratulations to Jack Thomas who is appearing in Matthew Bourne's Lord of the Flies this week in Cardiff! Jack successfully auditioned for a role in this production and here he his pictured with Matthew Bourne himself. Jack has had to attend several daily rehearsals in Cardiff over the last 6 weeks in order to prepare for the performances.

Weston Junior Arts May 2014

Our dancers received the following results during Weston Eisteddfod, held at Weston Playhouse:

First Day:

Nina & Lily - 3rd Cabaret Duet

Nina, Hope, Anna - 3rd Classical Trio

Reanna, Lily, Anna - 2nd Cabaret Trio


Second Day:

Nina - 3rd Modern, 4th Character, Lyrical & Ballet


Third Day:

Lily - 2nd Greek, 3rd Character, 3rd Ballet, 3rd National


Fourth Day:

Reanna - 2nd Ballet, 2nd Modern, 3rd Lyrical, 3rd Greek

Darcey - 3rd Ballet, 3rd Character, 2nd Lyrical, 2nd Greek

Jack - 3rd Tap, 3rd Song & Dance 

Fifth Day:

Nadia - 3rd Ballet

Sixth Day:

Emelia - 1st Greek, 2nd Ballet, 2nd Tap, 3rd Character

Well done to all our competitors who all danced brilliantly, another fantastic success!

Bristol Eisteddfod April 2014

Our dancers received the following results during Bristol Eisteddfod, held at Backwell School:

First Day:

Issy & Elana - 4th Cabaret Duet

Isabelle & Ella - 4th Cabaret Duet

Well done to Emily, Jamie-Ann, Charlotte, Lola, Nadia, Cally, Arabella, Katie & Antosia, Ella and Hermione for delivering such confident performances. More results to follow...


Emelia - 3rd Tap

Well done to Edward, Isabelle, Emily, Sophia and Amelia who also competed today.


Jack - 1st Song & Dance

Nina - 1st Modern

Jess - 1st Ballet, 2nd Modern

Both Nina & Jess will dance in the Junior Championships on Friday to be in with a chance to win overall best solo modern or ballet in the 11-12 years age group. Amazing achievement!

Well done also to Jemma, Ellie, Phoebe and Emily for competing today.


Lily - 3rd Ballet

Reanna - 3rd Lyrical, 3rd Modern

Lily and Reanna will dance in the Senior Championships on Friday. Lily will compete for the Dancewell Trophy and Reanna for the Alan Ashford Trophy. Brilliant work!

Well done to our Senior and Inter Jazzmatazz groups who got respectable marks of 85 for 'Let's Get Loud' and 84 for 'This is my Beauty' against huge competition. Also congratulations to Chloe, Anna, Olivia, Darcey and Hope who danced beautifully today.


Junior Jazzmatazz - 3rd in Classical Group, 4th in Cabaret Group.

Well done to all our duets and trios and to Nina and Jemma for braving it in the Modern Improvisation!


Darcey - 3rd Greek

Jess - 1st Lyrical

Well done also to Hermione, Chloe, Hope, Anna, Olivia, Gemma and Ella for competing today. 

We finished off the 2014 Eisteddfod on a high after Nina WON the Junior Modern Championship and the Judith Hockaday Trophy! Reanna, Lily and Jess also received special medals for competing in the championships.

What an amazing week!


Outstanding feedback from our School Show - Alice in Wonderland & That's Entertainment!


The weekend of 22 & 23 March 2014 saw us put on our third whole school production at Backwell School Theatre. We did a total of four shows over two days and have received some amazing feedback from audience members which can be seen below:


"What an amazing show. Well done everyone involved you should all be very proud. Especially loved gromits great idea."


"Wonderful show Adele, and everyone. Inspired choreography and oodles of enthusiasm. The little ones have lived in a magic dream this weekend!! Big well done and thank you."


"Blown away Adele Stitch and Jo Perkins! Well done girls and guys, quality show, costumes, dancers, choreography all brilliant. Lots of highlights!"


"Absolutely brilliant, it has been an honour and privilege to be able to help at such a wonderful show this weekend. You were all amazing."


"Well done everyone, amazing so far!! Makes me realise how much I miss being on stage dancing! Good luck for the second half"


"Well done everyone in the show and of course all you brilliant people behind the scenes, Adele you always put on an amazing performance. Amazing show and glad to be a part of it"


"Wow what an amazing show - fabulous. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute and glad I got tickets to watch it twice!"


"Well done to Miss Adele and everyone for such a great show - every dancer was fab - from the littlest bunny upwards."


"Just echoing what everyone else has said, what an AMAZING show. Everyone was fantastic."


"Loved the show!! So much talent!! Amazing dancers and choreography!! Well done and congratulations Adele Stitch School of Dance!!!"


"Fabulous show Adele. What a lot of talented girls you have. Loved every minute of it. Well done!!"


"Awesome show. I loved it, my parents loved it, my in-laws loved it and the girls loved being part of it. Thank you Adele and all your team."

Highbridge Festival March 2014

Our dancers received the following results during Highbridge Festival of the Arts:

Hope – Classical Trio 1st, Modern 2nd, Character 2nd, Lyrical 2nd

Jack - Song & Dance 1st (89)

Anna – Classical Trio 1st, Greek 2nd, Classical Duet 2nd, Cabaret Trio 3rd, Lyrical 3rd, Ballet 3rd

Nina – Modern 3rd, Character 3rd, Classical Trio 1st, Classical Duet 1st, Cabaret Duet 2nd

Chloe – Tap 2nd, National 3rd

Lily – Character 1st, National 1st, Classical Duet 1st, Ballet 2nd, Cabaret Duet 2nd, Cabaret Trio 3rd, Greek 3rd

Reanna - 1st Ballet, 1st Modern, 1st Lyrical, 1st Greek, Classical Duet 2nd, Cabaret Trio 3rd

Issy & Elana – Cabaret Duet 2nd

Well done to all on such amazing results!

Kingswood Eisteddfod February 2014

First Day: Well done to all our younger members of the dance school who competed at Kingswood today – Charlotte, Nadia, Cally, Katie, Antosia, Gemma and Ella. Charlotte gained 2nd place with her interpretation of Peter Rabbit and Antosia & Katie came 3rd with their classical duet. A good start to the week!


Second Day: Edward placed 4th in Lyrical, Song and Dance, Modern and Character.

Emelia came 1st in tap and 2nd in Ballet.

Izzy came 3rd in modern.


Third Day: Nina has done excellently gaining first in Modern and Lyrical and 3rd in Character. 


Fourth Day: So many excellent achievements for our dancers today! Well done to Hope, Darcey, Anna, Lily, Nina, Reanna, Chloe, Jess, Ellie...

Reanna - 1st Modern, 2nd Lyrical, 2nd Greek, 3rd Ballet

Darcey - 1st Greek, 2nd Ballet

Hope - 1st Character, 3rd Lyrical

Anna - 3rd Modern

Chloe - 3rd Tap, 3rd National

Lily - 3rd National

Anna & Reanna - 2nd Classical Duet

Nina & Lily - 2nd Cabaret Duet

Anna, Hope, Nina - 2nd Classical Trio


On Saturday, Nina, Emelia and Hope collected the trophies they had won throughout the week for getting the highest marks in their age groups and classes.


A brilliant week for the dance school! Congratulations to all who participated. 

Adverse Weather Warning!


In the event of major snow fall/floods/extreme weather conditions/disruption, we may have to cancel classes. Updates will be put on the front page of the website, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed as well as notifications via email or text in some cases if necessary. We will do our best to let you know as soon as possible if classes are cancelled. Unfortunately, no refunds will be offered in these circumstances.


Longwell Green Eisteddfod October 2013

First day results: Darcey Winter - 1st in Greek, 1st in Lyrical, 4th in Tap

Hope Griffiths - 2nd in Character, 3rd in Lyrical

Reanna Grogan-Hellin - 2nd in Ballet, 4th in Lyrical

Arabella Williams, Cally Britnell and Anna Horton also danced very well and were close behind on the medals. More results to come....

Wednesday: Sophia Hardy - 2nd in Greek

Edward Hayden - 3rd in Modern

Thursday: Chloe Hayden - 3rd in Tap

Nina Davies - 2nd in Lyrical, 2nd in Modern, 3rd in Classical Duet with Lily Hanks

Lily Hanks - 3rd in Ballet

Jess Jones - 3rd in Ballet

Friday: Isabelle Adkins & Ella Beresford - 4th in Cabaret Duet

Saturday: Suzy Pearce & Sian Coules - 1st in Cabaret Duet

Well done to Anna, Hope & Nina who got 84 for their new Classical Trio


Edward Hayden has won trophy for Most Promising Boy!

Another great Eisteddfod for us!

Royal Albert Hall 2013

On Saturday 29th June 2013, Senior Jazzmatazz, Miss Holly, Miss Ella, Miss Jo and Miss Adele travelled up to London to perform in a Barnardos charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall! The group performed two dances in front of an audience of approximately 4000 people. There were many choirs there performing various songs too, however we were honoured to be the only dancers to be asked to perform in this prestigious venue. The day was a huge success!

Weston Junior Arts Festival May 2013


TUESDAY: Our dancers are doing very well so far at Weston Eisteddfod. Today saw Darcey Winter gain two gold medals (Ballet, Greek) and two silver medals (Lyrical, Character). Reanna Grogan-Hellin came away with bronze medals in Ballet, Greek and Lyrical and Hope Griffiths gained a silver medal in the Modern section. Well done to all our dancers so far and good luck for the rest of the week! More updates to come....


THURSDAY: Congratulations to Nina Davies who gained a silver medal and 2nd place in her Lyrical solo. Nina and duet partner, Lily Hanks, also came 3rd in their Classical Duet.


FRIDAY: So far today, Anna Horton has placed 2nd in Character and Greek and Lily Hanks came 1st in Greek. Lily also came 2nd in Ballet. Well done girls!


SATURDAY: Well done to Martha Taylor who came 3rd in Contemporary and danced very well in all sections. Lily Hanks, Anna Horton and Reanna Grogan-Hellin also did well in the Cabaret Trio section and placed 2nd with silver medals!


That's it for another year at Weston - what a great success it has been for us!

Darcey accepted onto prestigious training programme with The Royal Ballet

16 year old Darcey Winter (Advanced 1 Ballet) will be continuing her additional training with the new Advanced Associate Programme offered by the Royal Ballet School. She will take classes with renowned ballet teachers at the home of the Royal Ballet in London's Covent Garden. Darcey has previously been a member of their Junior Associates (JA), Mid-Associates (MA) and Senior Associate programmes so this is the next logical step for her. 


14 year old Lily Hanks, a pupil in Grade 7 and Advanced 1 Ballet, currently takes classes at Elmhurst School for Dance on their associate training programme.


Adele stars in musical extravaganza!

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2013, several members of the dance school including teachers, students and parents went to support Miss Adele performing in a show called 'Westenders' with Bristol Light Opera Company (BLOC) at the Colston Hall, Bristol. Westenders was a Musical extravaganza celebrating 80 years of Musical Theatre with BLOC Productions. The show also featured 4 of our pupils - Chloe, Edward, Sophia and Emily - who all performed beautifully. Well done to everybody involved!

ISTD Janet Cram Awards


On Saturday 4th May 2013, Miss Jo and Miss Holly travelled to Swindon to watch the South West Regional Heats of the Janet Cram Awards. This prestigious competition run by the ISTD sees dancers with a particular competence in the modern genre come together from all across the region to battle for a place in the London Finals. The dancers must perform some class work and then individual solos in front of a panel of three adjudicators who then decide who goes through. We went to support Jessica, Anna, Nina and Reanna who all danced beautifully against such tough competition. Well done girls!

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