Classes are held at the following locations in North Somerset:

  • Nailsea Methodist Church, Nailsea (Map)


  • Nailsea School Dance Studio, Nailsea 


  • WI Hall, Backwell (Map)




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Events at a glance:



  • Tuesday 4 January 2022 - Term begins 

  • Monday 21 - Saturday 26 February - Half Term 

  • Monday 11 - Saturday 23 April - Easter holidays 

  • Monday 2 May - May Day Bank Holiday - no classes 

  • Monday 30 May - Saturday 4 June - Half Term 



We welcome students throughout the year. If you are interested in enrolling in the Adele Stitch School of Dance, please use our contact form or call Adele on 01934 513505.


We offer Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Examinations and ISTD Tap and Modern Examinations on a regular basis.


RAD Exam sessions are held in March, July and November annually, although if we are putting on a whole school showcase we may postpone a session as it is difficult to accommodate both simultaneously. 


ISTD exams are held once or twice a year. 


Examinations are not compulsory but we encourage students to do them as they can feel a real sense of achievement in passing and also learn how to take responsibility for learning their grade, attending extra lessons and practising in their own time.


Examination candidates must attend two classes a week of the grade they will be examined in, in order to achieve the required standard. Extra lessons are charged on a 'pay as you go' basis but we expect attendance to be constant. Private lessons may also be needed.


A copy of the music (and in some cases, DVD) for practise at home can be obtained from the relevant teacher. We ask for either £1 to cover CD/DVD costs or for you to provide a blank CD/DVD that we can record on to. All examination candidates are expected to practise in their own time.


Examinations are organised by the external exam boards of the RAD or ISTD and we do not have control over the final timetables, fees or other exam related elements.


Examiners are highly trained dance professionals who travel worldwide to examine students and they must be treated with respect.


RAD Ballet Examinations are offered in our school from age 6 where children can take the 'Primary in Dance' Examination or Class Award. If successful, all candidates from Primary in Dance up to Grade 8 will receive a certificate, a report showing the marks they achieved in various sections of the examination and a bronze, silver or gold medal. The marks needed for each medal are as follows:

0-39 Marks – Unsuccessful

40-54 Marks – Pass (Bronze)

55-74 Marks – Pass with Merit (Silver)

75-100 Marks – Pass with Distinction (Gold)


ISTD Examinations for Modern and Tap are also offered from age 6, starting with Grade 1 and working right up to Advanced 2. All successful candidates will receive a certificate and a report showing the marks for various sections of the examination. The marks needed for Grades 1-6 are:

0-39 – Unsuccessful

40-59 – Pass

60-79 – Merit

80-100 – Distinction


For Intermediate upwards, the marks needed are:

0-49 – Unsuccessful

50-64 – Pass

65-79 – Merit

80-100 – Distinction


This reflects the higher standard expected to have been reached by this stage.


There is an average wait of 6 weeks from date of examination to receipt of results due to results having to be sent to HQ for standardisation and moderation.


Once a student reaches Intermediate level in Ballet, Tap or Modern, the Intermediate examination must be passed before entering for the subsequent examination (Advanced 1), which then in turn must be passed before entering for Advanced 2. This is a rule created by the exam boards.


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