Classes are held at the following locations in North Somerset:

  • Nailsea Methodist Church, Nailsea (Map)


  • Nailsea School Dance Studio, Nailsea 


  • WI Hall, Backwell (Map)


  • St George's Church Hall, Easton-in-Gordano (Map)




Want to join us?

Call us now on

01934 513505

Events at a glance:




  • 28-29 March - Whole school production 
  • 4 April - End of term for Easter Holidays 
  • 20 April - Classes resume 



We welcome students throughout the year. If you are interested in enrolling in the Adele Stitch School of Dance, please use our contact form or call Adele on 01934 513505.

Hot Off The Press!


Coronavirus update
Dear All, 

Although I think we all realise that the media has created mass panic around the situation, the global health experts are also telling us - in the strongest of language - that is very real and we must exercise the appropriate amount of caution.

We at the Adele Stitch School of Dance are following advice closely from the advice of the British Government to ensure we follow the best guidance to maintain the safety of all our pupils, their family members and our teachers.

We would be most grateful if you could read the below information - which tells you both what WE are doing and what we need all of YOU to do.

Please do not come to lessons if you are even in the tiniest way feeling unwell. THIS IS KEY. Coronovavirus has similar symptoms of a bad head cold, and can include a cough, high temperature, and shortness of breath.
Some people will not have any symptoms and still carry the virus. There is no way to know, unless you have been tested, whether your symptoms are just another regular virus or "this" Virus 

Strong alcohol based hand gel or soap and water works so please use it liberally both before and after class and wipe it until it is dry. Allegedly you need to use it up to your elbows to be fully effective.

Travel and Self Isolation. I appreciate that this is not necessarily a popular topic as we are a community of people who love to travel, but we absolutely have to follow British Government guidelines on this. As of last night, all people who have traveled to Italy are required to self isolate for 14 days whether they have symptoms or not. As many of you probably know, all hotels in northern Italy have been required to close until at least after Easter, and those in the ski resorts for the remainder of the season. So we need everyone to follow this guideline strictly. 
The currently guidelines relating to travel and self isolation can be found here:

I know Easter holidays and our show are coming up and there is a lot of uncertainty around travel guidelines. We can only say that we will adhere to British Government protocols, and update you if things develop further.

We have every intention of keeping Adele Stitch School of Dance open and we believe that it is safe to do so at this current time, provided every single one of us adhere to the above advice.

Thank you for your continued support.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Kindest regards,




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Welcome to Adele Stitch School of Dance. We're delighted that you've found us! 


At the Adele Stitch School of Dance, we believe that dance is a great way for children of all ages to learn life skills such as discipline, social interaction, emotional and physical development, build confidence and make new friends. More importantly, we truly believe that being part of a dance school should be enjoyable and fun!


Our school caters for a wide range of ages and abilities, with many of our students taking part in examinations and achieving great results. Whilst encouraged, it is not compulsory for students to participate in examinations.


We are very performance-based, therefore we aim to hold a whole school showcase every two years, involving all students and all dance disciplines. In addition, both teachers and students have been successful in achieving outstanding results in Eisteddfods, both regionally and nationally.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality dance education which potentially would allow each one of our students the opportunity to pursue a career in dance. All the teachers are committed to giving your child the best possible training and regularly attend courses to keep vital knowledge up to date.


Many students go on to further their dance education and enjoy successful careers in dance and the performing arts. Please take a look at the 'News' page to see information on our alumni. 


Performance at the Royal Albert Hall, London in November 2017
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